What is hypertension?

The word "hypertension" means regular increase in arterial pressure. Blood pressure is increased when arteries and arterioles are narrowed. Arteries are like water channels feeding the earth and connecting the seas. But in a human body they are filled with the blood circulating between the heart and other bodies. Vasoconstriction may be observed because of regular spasms. The vessels remain narrowed due to thickenings of arterial walls. ...more»

Erectile tissue that contains the urethra

Male reproductive organ is composed of the erectile tissue and contains the urethra. Another important element of the sex organ is the deep artery of the penis, which delivers blood to the erectile tissue. ...more»

Allergic reaction to antibiotics

Allergic reactions or hypersensitivity reaction to antibiotics is an immunological response to antibiotics or their metabolites leading to clinically significant adverse effects. Because of the difficulties in diagnosing symptoms and interpretation of data, the problem of allergic reaction to antibiotics is relevant and is not completely solved. ...more»

Muscle pain relief

The problem of muscle pain relief has long been the subject of study by specialists. Although muscle pain (myalgia) does not pose any danger to health, it substantially limits mobility and reduces the quality of a person’s life. It is no accident that myalgia is one of the frequent reasons for visiting a doctor. ...more»

Lower back pain relief

Episodes of back pain occur in more than 80% of people at least once in their life. Soreness of this type is one of the most common complaints faced by therapists, neurologists and physicians of other specialties. ...more»

Antibiotics for strep throat

Many kinds of pathogenic organisms penetrate into the human body through the respiratory tract. When the throat mucosa and the lymphoid tissue are infected, person is difficult to swallow or speak, feeling scratchy throat and cough. ...more»

Pain medication

Effectiveness of analgesic therapy for acute and chronic diseases, surgical interventions, as well as injuries depends on choice and use of one or another pain medication. Therapy, aimed at alleviating physical and emotional suffering, should begin as soon as possible – at the first signs of pain occurrence. ...more»

Holistic remedies erectile dysfunction

Holistic medicine is not only science, but also the art of healing. It is based on the basic concepts of Chinese, Indian and other traditional medicine. ...more»

Addition of an abortion pill

Abortion pills feature is to artificially interrupt pregnancy. Despite high efficiency of abortion pills, they can be used for termination of no more than 49-days pregnancy. ...more»

How do antibiotics work to fight bacterial infections

There are about five nonillion bacteria living on our planet. Bacteria belong to microorganisms that are tiny but present in a large quantity. Bacteria are able to survive in various environments from extremely cold to hot. Our body has millions of bacteria on skin, mouth, airway, urinary and digestive tracts, etc. Some bacteria are able to cause infections, including the following: ...more»

Best male enhancement pills

Overwhelming majority of men are satisfied with their sexual life, but many of them still want to enlarge their penis. Some men would like to enlarge only the length of the penis, others only the width and the rest of them want to enlarge both length and width at the same time. ...more»

Types of diet pills

In the late 20th/ early 21th century obesity has become one of the major public health problems. The main aspects of obesity are first of all anomalotrophy, low physical activity, as well as a complex of negative socio-economic factors. Growing epidemic of obesity in children and adolescents is of particular concern to doctors. This age category almost does not think about the harm of fast food and the benefits of healthy, balanced diet in contrast to adults. ...more»

Diet Pills for Teens

Different Types of Diet Pills for Teens Diet pills reduce the appetite and a patient starts eating significantly less, in such way consuming fewer calories and as a result losing weight. However, these slimming pills are mostly efficient if combined with physical exercises and reduced calorie intake. ...more»

Relaxation pills

The increased pace of modern life leads to permanent stress, anxiety and insomnia. Thus, relaxation pills become more and more popular day by day. If you want to reduce anxiety and sleep soundly at night, try relaxation pills. ...more»

Weight loss foods

Regular physical exercises are perfect for growing the muscle mass and weight loss. If you want to speed up the weight loss process and improve both physical and emotional health, you should eat properly. ...more»

Non hormonal birth control

Most women of childbearing age use hormonal contraception methods. However, hormonal contraception is contraindicated in some women, so they use non hormonal birth control options. ...more»

Most effective diet pills

Balanced diet and sufficient physical activity can normalize the metabolism and prevent overweight or obesity. Imbalance between consumed calories and expended energy inevitably lead to changes of the body weight. ...more»

Chronic pain

Unlike the usual pain symptoms that go away with time, chronic pain can last from 1-3 months to many years. The patient’s suffering can be associated with an existing pathological process or a post-traumatic condition. ...more»

Natural antidepressants

For modern person anxiety disorders usually are the norm rather than exception. Actual epidemiological studies show that the risk of anxiety disorder does not depend on the person’s social status and his age. ...more»

Features of clinical pharmacology of Testosterone

Testosterone is absorbed in small intestines without being affected by hepatic metabolism. Therefore men with liver disease should take Testosterone pills in the same dose regime as men with normal hepatic function. ...more»


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