Healthy eating

Healthy eating is the real chance to keep your body fit and beautiful for many years. By eating properly with your family, you are taking care of both your health and health of your family members. Nutritionists believe that healthy eating allows to live a long and happy life. ...more»

Development of antibiotic resistance

How Antibiotic Resistance Develops Problems Associated with Antibiotics Resistance ...more»

Alli diet pills

Can you imagine a person, eating three burgers is confident that fat from one of them would not get into his body? Well, a daily use of Alli diet pills gives you that confidence. ...more»

Antibiotics for abscess

Antibiotics are medications that are used to treat various diseases and pathologies (including abscess), caused by bacterial infections. Pharmaceutical effect of antibiotics is directed to kill pathogenic microorganisms or at least stop their multiplication. ...more»

Erectile dysfunction pump medicare

The number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction is increasing every year in the United States. Reduced sexual activity has a negative impact on the men’s quality of life and self-esteem. ...more»

Antibiotics for skin infections

Skin infections are some of the most common human diseases. The most common types of skin infections are as follows: ...more»

Low testosterone symptoms

Due to occurrence and development of some diseases, the release of Testosterone may decrease in male and female body. In order to determine Testosterone levels in the body, a medical examination is required. ...more»

Emotional problems

Emotional problems, such as forgetfulness and inability to concentrate, worrying, irritability, depression, are definitely associated with significant decrease in estrogen level in the woman's organism. Estrogens stimulate informative activity, adaptation to different conditions, in other words, interest to a life. And only you can decide your preferences: to take all available measures to prolong your youth or leave this process. It is evident that the positive relation to these changes in your organism is very important. An optimum method to get rid of your worrying is to understand the matter of physiological changes in you. Try to learn about all possible symptoms of menopause and all other questions worrying you. ...more»

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Many years, erectile dysfunction was considered as the most unpleasant disorders in the male body, so people were trying to find ways to cure it even in ancient times. Although our ancestors were not versed in chemistry, they noticed that some plants have positive effect on their health. For example: Ginseng, Eleutherococcus senticosus, golden root, Leuzea, Baryta Carbonica and Ashwagandha. To cure erectile dysfunction, people from different regions used their local herbs. Ancient healers have been making tinctures from herbs to cure their patients. This was the time, when herbal medicines appeared. Moreover, natural remedies for erectile dysfunction treatment are still used in our days. ...more»

Testosterone replacement therapy

Men with diagnosed Testosterone deficiency are prescribed with Testosterone replacement therapy. To increase Testosterone levels, drugs containing Testosterone or drugs containing Testosterone derivatives can be used. ...more»

How to lose body fat

According to different data, more than 20% of people on the planet suffer from obesity; so, it is not surprisingly that millions of them are concerned about one question - How to lose body fat? There are thousands of ways to cure overweight and obesity. This review will help you to choose the one that is best for you. ...more»

Social anxiety disorder treatment

Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder & Social Phobia ...more»

Testosterone levels

To increase Testosterone levels, topical creams and gels, solutions for injections, oral tablets and capsules can be used. The rate of increasing Testosterone level depends on the mode of administration and dosage of Testosterone-containing drug. ...more»

Safe weight loss pills

Today, there are plenty of dietary supplements for weight loss and medications for obesity treatment at the world market. Not all of them can be called safe weight loss pills. ...more»

Testosterone recommendations for use.

*  Patients, taking Testosterone pills, may suffer from swelling. Therefore men, who have water retention in the body before they start to take Testosterone pills, might need individual adjustment of Testosterone daily dose for androgenic therapy. ...more»

What is a black box warning

Many highly effective prescription drugs can cause serious and dangerous for life and health side effects. Label of drugs that can cause very serious side effects differs from the label of drugs causing less dangerous adverse reactions. ...more»

Vegan diet

Vegan diet is a low-calorie diet, which involves refusal from red and white meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, honey and everything that comes from animals. Vegan diet improves health, as well as is great for two phases of weight management: the phase of weight loss and phase of weight maintenance. ...more»

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common diseases, associated with violation of sexual function in men. According to epidemiological data, erectile dysfunction is observed in more than 55% of male population, aged 45 to 75 years. ...more»

Psychological erectile dysfunction.

It is not a secret that the relationships between partners are made up of interpersonal, psychological, and sexual relations. If between partners spiritual affinity is not found, they will be very hard to achieve a harmonious sexual relationships. Given that sexual activity of man and woman is closely interconnected with psychological health, in the lack of harmonious relationships a sexual disorder may occur in one or both partners. ...more»

Anti anxiety medication

Scientists have not found out so far the reason why anxiety is progressing in people. Many specialists believe that anxiety occurs due to violation in the work of certain brain areas. Others are certain that anxiety arises in people, who get in stressful situations and become exhausted quite often. ...more»


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