Vegetative state

Vegetative state is one of the variants of emerging from coma, when patients have no signs of consciousness and understanding what is going on around them. The causes of coma or vegetative state can be damages of various parts of the human brain. ...more»

New treatment for ED

Avanafil is a new drug in the US for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in adult men. It is a modern new PDE5 inhibitor with a molecular formula, which has been approved by the FDA in 2012. Avanafil supplier in the US is the company Vivus. ...more»

Over the counter sleep aids

A great number of people face various sleep problems every day. Insomnia can occur due to constant nerve tension and stressful situations. Physical and mental fatigue can also cause insomnia. ...more»

Herbal diet pills

Among the large number of anti-obesity drugs, herbal diet pills are characterized by their relative safety for the health and price affordability. ...more»

Erectile dysfunction pumps for sale

Erectile dysfunction pumps are some of the first means that have been used for treatment of erectile disorders. If you experience such disorders, try a vacuum therapy. Despite the apparent simplicity, this type of treatment is much more effective than some men expect. ...more»

What does ADHD mean

"What does ADHD mean?" – this is one of the frequently asked questions parents ask, when they suggest that their kid behaves abnormally. About 10-15 years ago, you would have to visit a doctor or look through the pages of the medical encyclopedia to get the answer to this question. ...more»

Neck pain relief

Neck pain is one of the most common disease states in people. During life, more than 50% of people had at least one case of discomfort in the neck. Up to 10% of the population at a given time need a neck pain relief. ...more»

Fast weight loss pills

Traditional methods to fight obesity - well-balanced diets and physical exercises do not always provide you fast weight loss. But slimming pills can give you such result. ...more»

Weight loss supplements

You can buy popular, effective and safe weight loss supplements at almost any pharmacy. The cheapest weight loss supplements are sold on online pharmacies. Some of the leaders of online sales are the following weight loss supplements: Raspberry Ketones, Phen375, and Garcinia cambogia extract. ...more»

About adhd symptoms

External ADHD Symptoms and Effects ...more»

High blood pressure

High arterial pressure (hypertension) is believed to be one of the most common diseases. Almost every tenth adult suffers from high blood pressure. Hypertension may not be observed for a long time, but its destructive action will affect you anyway. High blood pressure will be attacking your cardiovascular system till stenocardia or heart attack, blindness or other disorders are experienced. ...more»

Systolic blood pressure

Arterial blood pressure is a pressure of blood in large blood arteries measured in millimeters of mercury. ...more»

Natural antibiotics

We used to think that antibiotics are semi-synthetic substances, prescribed to cure infectious diseases that are caused by bacteria and fungi. But antibiotic drugs are not just tablets and injections, there are also natural antibiotics that are found in plants. In some cases natural antibiotics are more effective than semi-synthetic antibiotic drugs, produced by pharmaceutical companies. ...more»

How do antibiotics work

When antibiotics are used in a proper dose, they cure infectious diseases effectively and save lives. If man uses antibiotics improperly, then they just slow down the treatment of a disease, negatively affecting his health. ...more»

High testosterone in women

Despite the fact that Testosterone is a male sex hormone, it is synthesized in the body of both men and women. Actually, Testosterone is as important for women's health as other hormones. ...more»

Macrolide antibiotics

Macrolide antibiotics (MA) belong to a group of antibiotics of natural origin and they have been used in therapy of infectious diseases for over half a century. ...more»

Natural pain relief

Since ancient times, people have collected healing herbs and used them to reduce physical suffering. Knowledge about the healing plants was being accumulated for thousands of years, resulting in a lot of remedies for the natural pain relief. ...more»

Ketosis diet

A condition in which carbohydrate starvation of cells develops is known as ketosis. Diets low in carbohydrates are some of the ways to reduce symptoms, control and treatment of this condition. ...more»

Blood pressure chart by age

It is reliably known that the level of blood pressure depends on the person's age. At mature age, blood pressure starts gradually to rise and thereby the risk of hypertension increases. ...more»

Fioricet side effects

After the administration of the combined analgesic Fioricet, side effects may occur. However, they are mostly eliminated in one of the following ways: by changing the dosage, by replacing the drug with another analgesic, or by using other methods of anti-migraine therapy. ...more»


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