Sleep insomnia

Difficulty falling asleep, poor quality of nighttime sleep, frequent awakenings, getting back to sleep after waking during the night are the most prevalent sleep disorders that are symptoms of insomnia. ...more»

Belviq side effects

In 2012, the FDA approved a new drug for weight loss - Belviq. This drug is used as an obesity therapy in adult patients, whose BMI is: ...more»

Best diet pills for women

Modern medicine provides the wide range of effective medications to fight against overweight. New best diet pills for women are very effective and have good safety profile. ...more»

Prescription sleeping pills list

Today, many options of insomnia treatment are available, including lifestyle change, healthy eating or behavioral therapy. However, if insomnia is a result of depression or any other physical or emotional condition, the listed treatment options are often insufficient, so medical treatment can be required. ...more»

MRSA antibiotics

MRSA is a dangerous infectious disease caused by resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus (Golden Staph.). Full name of this disease is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection. ...more»

Essential oils for skin

Essential oils are multi-component, natural oils that contain organic substances useful for human health. Essential oils are made from medicinal plants that are widely used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. ...more»

Bacterial infections

Bacterial infections term is used for diseases, caused by microorganisms - bacteria. Various microorganisms, like bacteria, can be both harmful and useful for the human body. Bacterial infections arise if a microbial population greatly increases, poisoning the body with toxins. ...more»

Zanex side effect

What is the Worst Zanex Side Effect? Zanex medical preparation seems to be a mysterious antidepressant which is accessible in the street for sale. In fact, Zanex is nothing more but the street name for generic Xanax which is usually sold illegally or as OTC medical preparation in few pharmacies. It's essential to understand which there’re two versions of Zanex - generic Xanax (Alprazolam) & counterfeit Xanax. Both types are quite dangerous to take, but generic Xanax at least acts as a dominant antidepressant unlike counterfeit pills. ...more»

High protein diet

High protein diet is called a panacea for the body. This diet has millions of fans around the world. High protein diet is used by athletes to increase muscle mass, as well as by obese people for weight loss. ...more»

Generalized anxiety disorder treatment

Getting the Most of Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment ...more»

Over the counter sleep aids

Needless to say that various sleep disorders adversely affect the psychological and physical health of the person. Such disorders are one of the main reasons for seeking medical help. ...more»

Why are antibiotics important

Introduction Antibiotics have only been being used for several decades of thousands years history of human existence. Today, antibiotic resistance is considered to be one of the most serious problems, which results in the inability to treat bacterial infections with antibacterial agents. Why are antibiotics important? Is antibiotic resistance is really dangerous to humans? It is important to find answers to these and a range of other questions. ...more»

Difference between ADD and ADHD

ADD and ADHD are medical abbreviations that have almost the identical definitions. The difference between ADD and ADHD is that the ADD abbreviation is hardly used today. ...more»

Slimming pills

Today, you can buy different types of slimming pills on online pharmacy, at regular pharmacies, in large and small retail stores. A list of slimming pills available at the global market is very large and this causes difficulties with choice of an effective and safe drug. ...more»

Contraindications for use Testosterone

Testosterone is among the most important sex hormones, influencing on the sexual and reproductive function of men. In men, testosterone is synthesized mostly in testicles, penetrates into the blood, binds to beta globulins and circulates in the blood system. ...more»

Depression treatment

Though there are many various methods which allow to reduce the symptoms of depression, but the basic methods (and this is the official point of view of medicine) are only two. These are drugs and psychotherapy. What is more effective? The answer depends on that who gives an answer. ...more»

Detox diet

Detox diet is a short-term weight loss program including identification and correction of nutritional imbalance in the body. Detox diet regards the body as an integrated system and treats it entirely. ...more»

How to treat depression without medication

Depressive condition is the leading mental disorder in young Americans. With so many suffering from such condition, the pharmacological market has produced a lot of antidepressants. But medications are not the only choice for those people who suffer from different types of depression. If you wondered how to treat depression without medication, there are some effective methods. The good technique is called as the "Bulletproof method" against depression. ...more»

List of pain medications

Effective pain management is a complex task that requires a many-sided approach using different methods and medicines. In most cases, pharmacotherapy is the most convenient and effective method of managing physical suffering. ...more»


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