ADHD medications for children

The Most Widely Used ADHD Medications for Children ADHD in children is treated in the same way as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults. ADHD is a syndrome characterized by behavioral disorders, neurological disorders, impaired concentration, impulsivity, hyperactivity, impaired social function and impaired learning. ADHD in children (boys and girls) in the absence of serious treatment goes to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults (men and women). ...more»

Planned parenthood birth control

Planned parenthood and birth control are two interrelated problems studied throughout the world. In developed countries, these problems are as important as in developing countries. ...more»

Erectile dysfunction cures over the counter

Many men use prescription drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Over the counter cures can be a natural alternative to synthetic drugs that are used for restoring sexual health. ...more»

Prophylactic antibiotics

Prophylactic Antibiotics: Are They Really Essential? What Are Prophylactic Antibiotics? ...more»

Advantages of abortion pills

According to statistics, most abortions are carried out in the first trimester of pregnancy. But medical abortion stays the most popular method for termination of pregnancy. For over 30 years now, women have been using vaginal suppositories containing prostaglandin Dinoprostone (trade names: Prostin E2, Cervidil). ...more»

Permanent birth control

Permanent birth control (sterilization) has the highest reliability among all the methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy. It is called permanent because of the impossibility of recovering fertility. Therefore, before deciding positively on sterilization, all patients should weigh the pros and cons of this birth control method. ...more»

Postpartum depression

Many women do not fully understand what postpartum depression really is, especially teenage mothers. Postpartum depression involves the main symptoms of other depression types and may require family support, consultation of specialists or use of medications. ...more»

Broad spectrum antibiotics

In contrast to narrow-spectrum antibiotics that are active only against certain groups of bacterial types, broad-spectrum antibiotics are effective against a wide range of bacterial infections. ...more»

Erectile dysfunction in men under 30

Middle-aged men older than 40 years are most often prone to sexual disorders. But these days, younger men in many countries, including the United States, started seeking assistance from andrologists and sexologists. Erectile dysfunction in men younger than 30 years may manifest for several reasons. ...more»

Bipolar depression medication

Effects from any Bipolar Depression Medication ...more»

How effective is birth control

The absolute majority of mature women use hormonal contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. When planning a pregnancy, many women are wondering "How effective is birth control? ". ...more»

Contrave side effects

In September 2014, the FDA approved the new weight loss drug, called Contrave. This diet drug is a combination of two medical agents: ...more»


Bacteria differ from viruses very much. First of all, they are bigger, second of all, they represent quite self-sufficient live organisms capable of self-reproducing if corresponding feeding is available. Penetrating to a human body, certain bacteria find food and suitable conditions for reproduction, and diseases are appeared this way. ...more»


After 45-50 years of age, you can feel certain natural changes of health state: from well-known vasomotor disorders to essentially affecting the life quality and potential reasons of serious health problems (cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis). At the same time, women of mature age have got their life experience and they have reached their career top, however, worsening of health state make them avoid any communication and even leave their job position. With estimation of their healthy life way and their care of own health which are the base of good health state in senior age, it should be noted that a good advice in the period of adaptation to a new stage of life is necessary for any woman. And if in the XIX century there was no reason to discuss this problem, because an average woman's life did not exceed forty years, nowadays success of modern medicine put new tasks. ...more»

Antibiotic resistance public health

What Is Public Health? Public health is the science of improving health, preventing diseases, and prolonging life. It promotes ideas of how to remain healthy and happy through organized events, for instance, promoting breastfeeding, hand washing, the need to use vaccinations, distributing condoms, preventing suicides, etc. ...more»

Erectile dysfunction

The term erectile dysfunction (ED) urologists understand the condition in which it is impossible to achieve or maintain such degree of erection of the penis, which allows conducting a sexual act, to satisfy the sexual activity. Thus under erectile dysfunction understand arising sporadically or constantly repeating condition. ...more»

Best remedies for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common disorder of sexual function in men, which gives a lot of unpleasant emotions and reduces quality of life. ...more»

Top 10 diet pills

Do you want to reduce the waist circumference, but do not know what kind of diet pills to use? Read this review of the best diet products to find out how they help get rid of excess weight and whether you can buy top 10 diet pills online. ...more»

Longer erections

Adequate sexual life is an integral part of our existence, and a good erection is an indicator of male health, both psychological and physical. ...more»

Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance

How Antibiotic Resistance Occurs and Why It Is So Dangerous ...more»


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