Allergic reaction to antibiotics

Nowadays, several thousands of medications for different diseases treatment are used worldwide. Despite proven efficiency and safety of these drugs, they can cause some unusual reactions. ...more»


ADD and ADHD are medical abbreviations, used in diagnosis and treatment of behavioral disorders in children and adults. ADHD and ADD are well-known abbreviations in the USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Canada, Malta and Australia. ...more»

Non hormonal birth control

Despite the fact that today the number of effective hormonal contraceptives is large, many women prefer non hormonal birth control methods. ...more»

ADHD meds for studying

Using ADHD Pills for Studying ...more»

Sleeping drug for surgery

Sleeping medications for surgery are used as some of the main components of anesthesia. Moreover, anesthesia may include components that provide analgesic effect. In modern surgery, many drugs are used to achieve analgesia. To provide analgesic and sedative effect, such medicines are used separately or in the combination. ...more»

Injections for ED

The injections for erectile dysfunction treatment are used when other methods for potency restoration proved ineffective. Injections or intracavernosal therapy with the drug Alprostadil is one of the most popular methods for the recovery of potency in the United States and other countries. ...more»

FDA approved diet pills

Obesity still puts science to a dead end and spreads around the world like wildfire. However, search for obesity treatment decisions is not stopped and new diet pills regularly appear on the US market. ...more»

Weight loss pills for men

Today, pharmacies offer many drugs to treat obesity with different composition, efficacy, safety and mechanism of action. How to choose the best weight loss pills for men among this huge assortment? ...more»

Becoming immune to antibiotics

Why Becoming Immune to Antibiotics Is Impossible Introduction ...more»

ADHD Pills for Adults

Various ADHD Pills for Adults Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (mostly called as ADD or ADHD) stands for a neurological-behavioral social disorder that develops in early childhood and may continue in adulthood if to ignore its symptoms in school years.  ADHD is characterized by such symptoms as difficulties with concentration, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Children have lighter symptoms than adults with ADD do. ...more»

Viral infection symptoms

The deep socio-economic changes, taking place in different countries, lead not only to changes in the quality of life, but also cause adverse trends in the growing number of diseases. This makes the assessment of the viral infections incidence particularly important. ...more»

Rash from antibiotics

People around the world can buy antibiotics over the counter in regular pharmacies. The popularity and the relative availability of antibiotics have resulted in their often misuse or overuse. It does not increase the efficacy of treatment and causes side effects. ...more»

Bactrim side effects

The antibiotic Bactrim is used to suppress vital functions of aerobic microorganisms. Therapeutic doses of Bactrim are used for suppressing the growth of such pathogenic Gram-positive and Gram-negative protozoa, as escherichia coli, haemophilus influenzae, proteus vulgaris, shigella sonnei and streptococcus pneumoniae. ...more»

Birth Control Medications

Birth Control Medications List: Hormonal Oral Contraceptives The key priority of modern medicine during development of new birth control medication list is taking care of your women’s reproductive health, her protection and promotion of safe motherhood. It is not secret that USA takes one of the first places where women prefer to do abortion than give a birth. It's used be that abortion was only a surgery that like any other surgery could be very dangerous for a woman. To prevent any harm to your body it is better to prevent abortion and unwanted pregnancy at all by using quality birth control medications. ...more»

Ideal blood pressure

The blood pressure level is one of the main indicators of human health. Everybody should check out his or her blood pressure regularly and cure abnormal blood pressure levels if needed. ...more»

Strong sleeping pills

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder that adversely affects the person's overall health and reduces his working ability. To get rid of constant insomnia, people buy strong sleeping pills (hypnotics). ...more»

Narcotic painkillers

Narcotic painkillers (also called opioid analgesics) are centrally acting drugs used to relieve pain syndrome of moderate to severe intensity. ...more»


Attention! Antibiotics are very effective in treating many serious diseases. But I would like to reiterate the most important truths: ...more»

Home remedies for high blood pressure

According to data of American Heart Association, over 74 millions of people have high blood pressure (hypertension). The danger of hypertension lies in that this disease poses a serious risk for the cardiovascular system. ...more»

What is the meaning of antibiotic

"What is the meaning of antibiotic?" is a question that many people ask, especially, if they have to use one or several for the treatment. Antibiotics or antibacterials from ancient Greek "antiviotika" mean "against life." There are countless numbers of bacteria living in the world, and some of them can cause pretty serious infections. Antibiotics are medications that help prevent or treat these infections. ...more»


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