Pros and cons of birth control

Various contraception methods can be used to prevent pregnancy. When choosing birth control option, take into account a few factors such as effectiveness, safety, ease of use and price. ...more»

How to cure erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is partial or complete absence of erection, which hinders to have the fullest sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction may occur at any age and due to various reasons. These are: psychological trauma consequences, disorders of the CNS, cardiovascular and (or) endocrine system. Erectile dysfunction negatively impacts on the life quality of men, reducing their self-esteem and causing chronic depression. Up to date there are several methods to cure erectile dysfunction. ...more»

Birth control for men

The Most Common Methods of Birth Control for Men ...more»

Symptoms of high blood pressure

Hypertension is one of the common diseases of cardiovascular system. Symptoms of hypertension are observed approximately in 30% of adult population. The prevalence of hypertension is up to 50-65% in people over 65 years. ...more»

Erectile dysfunction cure stories

Erectile dysfunction – is not a chronic, but treatable disease! Numerous erectile dysfunction cure stories indicate that complex of diagnostic and treatment measures helps to restore sexual health of almost every man. ...more»

Sleeping pills side effects

The majority of patients with insomnia take drugs with a sedative effect to fall asleep faster, less frequently wake up at night and improve the quality of their sleep. ...more»

Why not to be afraid of antibiotics?

Recently, antibiotics have been considered to be harmful and non-medical methods of treatment have been preferred instead. This and self-treatment often lead to adverse reactions. For example, improper treatment of severe tonsillitis may lead to development of rheumatic heart disease with serious adverse complications. Without antibiotics an inflammation of the middle ear (otitis) may lead to deafness, and of pneumonia to hospitalization or even fatal outcome. ...more»

Birth controls that don’t cause weight gain

Birth control pills are designed for oral intake, being used to prevent unwanted pregnancy in women of reproductive age. Birth control pills contain synthetic analogues of natural hormones: progestational compound and estrogenic compound. Birth control pills block the maturation of oocyte that is ready for fertilization (ovulation). Although birth control pills provide good protection from pregnancy, some women avoid to take them, because they are afraid that birth control pills cause weight gain. But modern medications rarely cause this side effect. ...more»

Candida diet

The Candida diet is a diet based on consumption of healthy food. Unlike other diets, the Candida diet is used to get rid of particular disease, rather than to lose weight, though this is an additional bonus. ...more»

Depression quotes

The most memorable depression quotes are pronounced by movie heroes. If you want to find quotes about depression, see a film about the life and fate of a tragic hero. Even when the life story of the main character is absolutely fictional and unreal, this hero can pronounce phrases that motivate to fight depression. ...more»

About adhd meds

ADHD is the most common neurological disorder in children and adolescents. This neurological disorder is less frequently diagnosed in adults. Main ADHD symptoms in children are: ...more»

The first antibiotics

English microbiologist Alexander Fleming in 1929 discovered the first antibiotic – penicillin. This was one of the most significant discoveries of the XX century. The new era has begun in biology and medicine – the era of antibiotics. They were treated as a panacea, as they coped with the treatment of diseases previously considered hopeless. ...more»

Antibiotic resistance evolution

How Antibiotic Resistance Evolves and Why This Happens ...more»

Serotonin levels

Serotonin is one of mediators, affecting the work of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system (CNS). ...more»

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common disease, which in varying degrees affects more than half men over 40 years old. Medications, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have appeared at the pharmaceutical market in the last 5-15 years. Before their appearance, natural remedies for the treatment of erection problems were widely used. ...more»

About Effective ADHD Medications

Most people know that attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder syndrome (ADHD) is characterized by inability to concentrate, excessive impulsiveness, hyperactivity and anxiety. The ADHD diagnosis can only be confirmed if the behavioral disorders have been observed during long period of time. Usually, ADHD develops in childhood (in children of 3 to 6 years old). Still, there is a chance that symptoms of this behavioral disorder may occur in children, later observed in teenagers and adults. ...more»

Paleo diet menu

Paleo diet is a diet repeating a model of caveman eating behavior lived in the Paleolithic (Stone Age). In those days, cavemen ate mostly meat, fish, root vegetables, nuts, fruits and berries. ...more»

Symptoms of ADHD in adults

The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) syndrome is actually a disease, not a result of bad education. The diagnosis of such a disease is easily determined in childhood and usually characterized with such symptoms as inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. ...more»

Sex hormones

Everybody heard the expression “sex hormones”, but few people know what it means. Sex hormones or sex steroids are biologically active substances, produced in the body by special organs or cells (endocrine glands) that provide a targeted impact on the activity of other organs and tissues. ...more»

Best diet pills

Health care pays priority importance to fight obesity. After all, excess body weight poses a particular threat absolutely for all age groups, especially for young people, preferring fast food. Danger of obesity is not only in the fact that overweight worsens the person’s emotional and physical state but also in the fact that excess body weight causes severe diseases, including diseases requiring a prolonged and expensive treatment. ...more»


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